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Since I was a young child, I have always viewed the world around me as "magical" and loved the process of creating art in any medium available. Inspired by the diversity of everything around me, I found there was never enough time to explore the ideas and visions that filled my imagination.

For years using paints, charcoal, inks, and pencils, I kept trying to create more dimension, unable to fully interpret the world as I desired. It wasn't until I worked in clay for the first time that I realized clay was my "true north".

Being raised in San Francisco, I discovered the Fort Mason Art Center and there studied life sculpture for four years along with figurative drawing and painting. I was introduced to Raku firing and that ignited a flame (no pun intended) within me. In time, I was giving Raku workshops while teaching figurative sculpture and mold making.

I joined the San Francisco Women's Art Gallery and over the years was honored with many awards.

Since moving to Folsom California over twenty years ago, my work evolved to include Asian inspired pieces, animals and abstracts. My deep love for God's creatures make them a favorite subject as well.

I find great joy in feeling a connection to the universe as the creative energy and ideas seem to flow. When that happens, I know there is someone out there at that very moment desiring exactly what I am creating. Man may be challenged, but the universe is truly perfect!

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Lana Federico

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